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10/21/2022, 13:44:06

Hello Mary,

I don't know that I have ever seen the Taiwan beads, and I know nothing about them. Also, I don't know Peter's source for the date range of the original beadsóbut I think it is reasonable.

After Peter's death, when I catalogued and appraised his collection, so that it could be donated to The Bead Museum, I do not recall coming across any "Russian"-type beads, nor the length of prepared tube he shows.

As it happens, I have a portion of an important bead collection from the Northwest, that includes several strands of "Russian" beads. These have been part of the estate sales I have managed at Tucson, until 2020. The asking price for one of the "Russian" necklaces is around $2,000. However, the owner has allowed me to cut the prices, and I am offering these for around $1,000.

(Selling beads is not really my job. I have done this at Tucson as a service to clients, whose collections I have appraised, when they are ready to dispose of beads, and when they do not want to perform the selling tasks themselves. I am not in the bead business, but rather am in the arena of bead study and education.)

I can, of course, make close photos of "Russian" beads at any time, having documented them on several occasions, and from my collections. I will show a photo I posted at my Facebook Group about two weeks ago, that is the NW collection. Only a few of these strands are available now.

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