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08/27/2022, 17:24:43

Hello Stef,

I suppose it was Gabrielle who first called my attention to Rousselet beads in the early/mid-1980s. I have, of course, read the Opper exposition too.

My impression is that, from his studio, a variety of products emerged under his name. Some of these he acquired from makers, when they had products he liked. And some he designed and had made. One could only guess whether these were factories or enterprises in France and/or elsewhere. Some of his glass beads are virtually unique—and these are the ones I most-associate with him.

Added to the above unknowns, we have the issue of whether an ensemble we might encounter was "made by him," versus something that may have been composed from whatever leftovers and reclaimed elements might be acquired (as from flea markets, estates, and whatnot).

I tend to think we are all guessing and in-the-dark. Wouldn't it be great to come across some old French exposition, that informed us of that time? You could read it. Whereas I would have to translate.


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