interested to clarify Rousselet beads
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08/25/2022, 07:40:13

up to now i may have been confused about Rousselet lampwork glass and galalith beads and necklaces, etc. assuming if not Venetian, then they must be Bohemian/Czech, or from German workshops relocated from Czech, or perhaps french.
or is it that he often chose unusual shapes from existing workshops.
As I see more examples it appears that many distinctive types, colours or complex lampwork shapes are attributed to Rousselet and are displayed in vintage items online, some with high price-tags.
Many are threaded on skinny brass foxtail chain, many have fat oval screw clasps bearing the wording "made in France". i know there was/is a shop in Paris that has or had his jewellery.
Years ago Gabrielle Liese - founder of the Bead Museum, Arizona, identified some loose beads in my historic collection as Rousselet.
Now I am aware that my knowledge of his work is very sketchy and i need to acquire more evidence and less guesswork.
there is an online FB group of Rousselet collectors which shows examples but I hope to find lots more research and documentary proof of the sources.

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