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07/11/2022, 10:18:56

Hello Mary,

Someone or something has steered you into a false idea.

These are wound and trailed glass beads. There is virtually no evidence that the Dutch produced these sorts of beads. Plus, the Dutch were not active beadmakers when these beads were produced in the 19th C.

There is a popular type of trade bead that has blue trailed-and-combed "squiggles" on a white base—that is routinely misidentified as being "Dutch," or "Dutch Delft." It is a mistaken identification, based solely on the fact that Delftware was also blue-on-white. And it is an error that ignores the fact that glass-beadmaking and ceramics-making are two very different industries.

Also, the patterns on the white Venetian beads is longitudinal—whereas the pattern on your bead encircles the equator.

These white-on-red combed beads are not uncommon among the trade beads found in México and parts of Latin America. They are most-likely Venetian, but could also be Central European.

One might as well drop "Dutch Delft" as a name for trade beads—because it is based on a mistaken idea. You might want to review my past messages here, that concern Dutch beads—and how common it has been to inaccurately ID beads as "Dutch" by many collectors, who were fed mistaken information.


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