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07/13/2022, 01:32:53

Hello Mary,

I would have to say you were steered in the wrong direction by a mistaken idea, promoted at eBay and Etsy—which happens constantly, 1000 times daily. Many people who offer beads for sale are likewise neophytes—who pass along a lot of mythology and garbled "information." The Forum is a much better resource—and the archive is searchable. I constantly refer back to it.

I currently moderate five Groups at Facebook. The two most-popular are Beadman - My Stuff, where I show and discuss beads and ornaments from my collections; and Beadman - Your Stuff, where I respond to questions members submit for identification and whatever information that can be provided. If you're on FB please consider joining.

There are two books that that cover all sorts of beads, from many regions of the world. These are The History of Beads (Lois Dubin, 1987 or 2008), and Collectible Beads (Robert Liu, 1995.). I was the primary consultant for both authors (and for both editions of THoB). A third book, Beads of the World, by Peter Francis Jr. (1999) is also useful, though much less inclusive, and with rather poor photos. Many other bead books were composed by people who have limited knowledge and perspective, and who have not studied beads very carefully. Those books are pretty worthless.

Regarding your necklace, after I responded to your post, discussing only the red beads, I actually looked at the structure of the necklace, and realized it was probably Méxican or Guatemalan. Also Guatemala is the northern-most part of Central America, bordering México. Your necklace is a very decent construction, and worthy of having.


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