Wow...what a beauty...
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02/12/2022, 01:34:17

Hi John, I hope you and the family are well! Now thatīs a really "WOW"-bead for sure and far away from being an expert I have more (silly) questions than answers...My first question would be how you count the layers (and that may answer the other questions as well)? Putting numbers seems much easier for me than a description of the areas in question...

1) Am I right that this looks like a decoration and not a layer?

2) Are the "white and "black" parts colored glass or one or both of them chemical reactions from laying in the ground and just covering the original color?

3) These 6 parts are pretty thin and were added to the (whatever colored) base?

Finding such a "one of a kind" beads must be the highlights of every collectors life...Congratulation!

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