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01/14/2022, 21:01:46

Hi Beadiste
nice collection and very informative posts!
I find that I am totally ignorant about Jingtailan!
I havenˇ¦t been here for some time and thereˇ¦s no opportunity to use English in my daily life
So I feel very much awkward dealing with English as getting older all the vocabulary and grammar made me mad
It may take some time for me to get contact with the people you mentioned and it couldnˇ¦t be guaranteed that I am successful with that
Please understand that

I am a travel person and I once thought about traveling to Alaska
the feeling is amazing that there is a friend with whom you have talked alot but never met
I wish someday I could see you in Beijing

Best wishes

By the way I have seen your only nut carving bead. Thanks for your respond. itˇ¦s an olive sead (in Chinese). The very interesting thing for me is the scholar was stepping on snow and looking forward to Meihua one of the four gentlemen rather than a tiger.:))

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