Li Xinmin has written books about cloisonne, but will he agree to speak with you?
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I have both of these, but because I'm illiterate in Chinese, have to use awkward OCR systems to translate them.

Beijing Arts and Crafts Books: Blue King described a dream: Selected Works of Li Xinmin Cloisonne(Chinese Edition)
ISBN 10: 7514000925 / ISBN 13: 9787514000924
Published by Beijing arts and Crafts Press, 2011

Cloisonne Intangible Cultural Heritage Books(Chinese Edition)
Book Description: Language:Chinese.Pages Number: 180 Publisher: Beijing Pub. Date :2010-05-01 version 1 2010-05-01 1st printing. cloisonne Arts and Crafts series of editing and publishing. from a theoretical. cultural. images and other non-point of view of Beijing Arts and Crafts Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection established a pattern. By Li Cang Yan. Li Xinmin. compiled the cloisonne through the Beijing Arts and Crafts of origin. and various historical periods manifestations. artistic. art processes pro.
ISBN: 9787200080209
Binding: Soft cover

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