Cloisonne dragon beads
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Posted by: beadiste Post Reply
06/20/2021, 10:18:11

So I won these beads at an auction, was surprised there was only one other bidder, as the Japanese seem to be extorting surprising sums for them on eBay and Etsy. After shipping and handling, they came out to about $10 each.

Don't have them in hand yet, but guessing they're in the usual 20mm range. Auctioneer described length as 17 inches.

What I wonder, seeing how they're strung, is whether they are not part of a necklace that's missing its clasp, but are instead a remnant of a longer string straight from the workshop - that is, this is how the beads were strung for resale to those using them for whatever purposes.

Further bulletins as events warrant, I guess. . .

MyDragonGreenSetBCN.jpg (84.9 KB)  MyDragonGreenSetB_BCN.jpg (82.6 KB)  

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