Is this Fordite?
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
03/31/2021, 10:32:45

I obtained this multi-layer pendant with a group of carved phenolic resin beads, date and source unknown, but likely from the 1940s-1960s timeframe, possibly earlier. Of course the pendant could have been acquired at a later time.

Is anyone familiar enough with fordite to identify the material? I tested it by reaming the hole and detected a "plastic" odor that was unfamiliar. So it is not Celluloid - my first guess before testing. Most of the fordite items I could find have very bright colors, in contrast to the muted earth colors in this piece.

RFForditeMar2021a.jpg (48.2 KB)  RFForditeMar2021b.jpg (21.9 KB)  

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