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04/22/2021, 02:17:42

Hello Anne.

Thank you for your interesting reply. I have not really delved into the history of Fordite, though I have anticipated all that is included, apart from the actual formulation of the paints used.

The profound difference between the buildup of car paint, that has become Fordite, and laminated acrylic stock, used to make beads and other jewelry parts is easy to understand.

The car paint accumulates on shaped surfaces, and is or can be somewhat random. (There will be convolutions and differences in the thickness of layers—and the whole thing has a random organic appearance. In contrast, the laminated pieces are strictly flat sheets fused together. There are no convolutions. Consequently, the latter appear formal, regular, and static. They lack any "organic" or random quality.

That is, essentially, my only point.

Anytime comparisons are made, we can discuss how things are alike; or how they are different. We often learn something useful by considering both points of view.

Be well. Jamey

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