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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
05/03/2020, 15:52:20

Maybe this is obvious - but I suggest that anyone with beads that need ID be asked to please send a couple to someone who can take high quality photos and/or to someone who can examine them in person. It takes a bit of time and postage, but it solves so many issues (and arguments). For international requests, maybe a person in the home country would make themselves available to expedite the process.

Personally I found the photos for this ID request to be inadequate to the task.

Even with better photos, there is often a difference of opinion, and that is a welcome part of BCN each and every time it occurs - IMHO of course!

Note: I am willing to take photos and/or post them on BCN for anyone who can't do so themselves. You can contact me through the BCN message feature. All I ask is that you pay the postage both ways and I'd be happy to help. Or if just a photo that you can't reduce, I will fix that too. I have helped a number of US and international bead folks already and it is a pleasure to share my bead interests with others.

The photo shows one of the beads send to me by a person who wanted to find out if it was Bakelite. It's not - can you guess what it's made of? (sorry for the topic diversion...)

RFHornBead1.jpg (33.0 KB)  

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