Re: Horn vs. Phenolic Resin (Bakelite)
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05/06/2020, 15:28:27

The structure of horn is longitudinal and fibrous. I don't really think of it as having "layers." It's possible that the exterior differs slightly from the interior. And also that the surface around the bone support (forming the hollow part toward the skull) may have a slightly different structure.

On the other hand, there are horns that are bicolored or multi-colored. But this is usually spotty or discrete (like tortoise shell), or changes from the base to the tips. These are not layers, in my experience.

In contrast, once a phenolic bead has been made, it's possible that an external change in color (due to radiation, heating, or dying) may appear to be an "external layer" or "skin."

In any event, the structure of phenolic beads differs greatly from that of horn beads. Horn beads, made to imitate amber (such as those from East Africa—that have been boiled in oil and dyed) can be determined visually, by the differences in structure.

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