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04/30/2020, 11:09:56

You wrote in your first post:
'They were supposedly collected some thirty years ago. So they are not new/recent products.'

To which I responded by saying:
'I understand you said they are not recent production, as they were collected 30 years ago. This means that either the information from the collector is incorrect for whatever reason. Or it means that the beads in this market stall are copies of beads that were made earlier. '

Seems to me we are on the same page here. But I may be wrong.
My response was intended to come across as this: I recognize these beads. They are modern Chinese beads. And I have a picture of a whole set of these beads to prove it. However, if it was 100% sure that they are older than 30 years, there must be another explanation, so it is then still a mystery. I am very much aware that people's memories of when they got certain beads can be jumbled. I am also aware that some people simply do not tell the (whole) truth. Perhaps I did not express myself clearly, not wanting to step on the collector's toes.

I would be interested to know if you share my idea that the beads I showed are the same as the ones you showed.

Also, if you would have time to elaborate on the timeline of the modern introduction of lampworked bead in China, I would very much appreciate it.

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