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I should mention the following.

In the early 1980s a large cache of Boshan millefiori beads was (it was said) discovered in a warehouse in Hong Kong. Little by little, these beads were released into the marketplace. Americans who actually went to Hong Kong had the best opportunities to acquired these beads. And I had the opportunity to study and document them. Robert Liu also composed some pictorials in Ornament, at that time.

The perspective of these beads was not generally known. I had to piece-together what I know and believe. I had been after the story of the Boshan millefiori beads since the late 1970s, when I first saw them, and acquired some (from a Chinatown store in San Francisco). Eventually, I managed to document five very good collections of these beads.

Nevertheless, at first some wild ideas were circulated about these beads. The most-silly one being that they were "ancient Chinese beads from the Sung Dynasty"—which would have made them about 1,000 years old. (The person who promoted this ridiculous idea still thinks it. And he thinks I should change MY mind!)

The early-generation Boshan beads have also come out of places such as Thailand and Yunnan, where they were used by local people. And in the mid-1980s and since then, have come into the inventories of bead sellers, to be acquired by us. Steven Dunning (Hands Of The Hills) was a primary supplier of these beads, since 1985.


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