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03/08/2020, 21:44:50

Thesew remind me of some molded glass elements I have had since about 1970, that are pierced in such a way to suggest they should be sewn down. About ten years ago, I found some beads to go with them.

I was told the tile-like elements (and therefore the matching beads) are Czech.

However, in the intervening fifty years we have come to understand that molded beads and elements were also made in Austria and Germany (and probably elsewhere).

This is why I usually say/write "Czech or Central European" to cover the bases.

Don't we all wish there were more intact dated samplecards?

I think that what is interesting about your "beads" (or pendants) is that the "brickwork" ground behind the flowers looks rather like an imitation of Italian micro-mosaic work.

Czeck glass is sometimes "painted" with pigmented liquids, that fill recesses, to pick-out the main design. But, usually, decorations would be enameled and fired—to permanentize them. Not "painted."


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