Longest ancient agate beads known to me. Please post your long agate beads and lets compare
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01/13/2020, 12:43:48

Hello to the group. I am posting pictures of some of my long beads. I am hopeful other members will share their thoughts on my long beads and long beads in general made from agate and I am not 100% about the white one.

So please submit your pictures of long agate beads.

Next to show my long zi bead almost 6 inches and after that to post my banded agate long beads from 1 1/2 to 4 inches

Please can anyone in the group speak to the rarity of the long agate beads depending on source material and craftsmanship involved to make such long beads.

I have been told in the past the holes were drilled first the the bead shaped?? Any comments??

Ok I hope everyone will enjoy my pictures of a few of my beads

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