Tucson shows - now only 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, or less - my shopping venue list
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
01/08/2020, 12:24:11

The 2-3 weeks of Tucson shows we are used to from the past has shrunk somewhat to 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for the "main" shows of interest to collectors.

Here is my list of recommended shows & their dates. You can get detailed info by looking at the shows' web sites.

28 Jan - 11 Feb. SRGJ Silk Road Gem & Jewelry (includes the Ethnographic Group)
30 Jan - 15 Feb. GIGM Motel 6 (used to be Howard Johnson)
31 Jan - 12 Feb. Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show
1 Feb - 16 Feb. African Art Village
1 Feb - 9 Feb. GL&W Gem Mall & Holidome (requires wholesale registration)

There are many other shows of course. Here are a few I like to stop by and check out new beads, findings, hats, scarfs, baskets, wood carvings etc. Occasionally there are some interesting collectibles to be found. There is often a smattering of Africans selling at some of these shows.

30 Feb - 15 Feb. 22St Mineral Fossil & Gem Show
30 Jan - 10 Feb. JOGS Gem & Mineral Main Show (requires wholesale registration)
30 Jan - 16 Feb. Kino Gem & Mineral Show
1 Feb. - 8 Feb. To Bead True Blue / Bead & Design Show

Several sellers known to a lot of BCN forumites have relocated this year:

Tiger Tiger will be at Pueblo as well as 22nd St.
Lou Zeldis moved to Pueblo as well.

Tom & Sage Holland will be at the Kino show.
J-Me & Guy (Wild Thing Beads) will be at the JOGS show.
Joe Loux and Kamol will be at G&LW Gem Mall.

Hot tip - last year Joe Loux had a large selection of trade beads for very nice prices, from an estate sale. His booth always has some good surprise "finds".

And don't forget to spend a lazy morning or afternoon driving to Green Valley to see Nicole's The Glory of Beads suite. On the way back it's convenient to make the side trip to the Casino Del Sol for the To Bead True Blue / Tucson Bead and Design Shows.

There are no group BCN group events planned that I know of, but feel free to post here with suggestions for lunch or dinner meet-ups.

There will be a mini-symposium on Weds. evening Feb. 5 at the Sonoran Glass School again, so that's one opportunity for everyone to at least say hello. There will be some time to mingle in the sales tent before the lectures start. Floor Kaspers is the organizer.

Travel note: the weather has been in the high 60s in Tucson during the day, and down in the 30s-40s at night. Plus sometimes very windy so wind chill is an issue. If you plan to be out after dark, don't forget to bring some very warm clothing! I've learned that the hard way on past trips!

See y'all in the Big T!

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