Thse are granitic green-stone beads.
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01/08/2020, 02:27:54

These green-stone beads were made from various available minerals (granites and serpentines, for instance), and are typical of pre-Columbian México. Many green or greenish beads are routinely called "jade." But it's a convenient euphemism.

These beads are so plentiful there is nearly no need to reproduce them. The exceptions are speckley green serpentine beads from Guerrero, México. These are actually nicer (more refined) than the pre-Contact beads, but have sometimes been misrepresented as that.

The heyday of the Guerrero beads was the late 1970s/early 1980s. I bought several strands at that time. The beads are usually oblate, alternating with long cylinders.


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