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01/17/2020, 11:51:22

I was searching Mezcala, Necklace, Jadeite. Should have known that most ebay sellers have limited knowledge, so searching Pre-Columbian, stone, bead brings up lots of singles and strands where the beads seem to be in $2-$7 range.

As a coin dealer I advise buyers to not worry too much about fake Chinese coins in the under-$10 range, BUT nonetheless take into account a seller's full offerings. It's amazing how cheap a coin can be and still be worth faking, either for contemporary circulation, or for promotional "antique" sets. Where labor costs are low, the fake threshold is also.

Outing fakes on ebay, and trying to get ebay to police fakes are jobs many in the coin hobby have taken on with varying success over the years. For a while ebay was suspending accounts of people who contacted potential buyers to warn of fakes. An ebay discussion group on coin fakes was shut down and had to go to Yahoo Groups. More recently I heard they had granted someone(s) a sort of status as fake spotter and would actively check the things they reported. I've reported fakes to sites (like Trocadero) and platforms (like Liveauctioneers.com) that are havens for sellers who don't know or don't care, just to see what action they take: none. And yes, it's amazing how many dealers - and collectors - don't want to hear about fakes.

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