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Posted by: Josh Post Reply
12/17/2019, 15:30:13

Hello everybody,

I just asked myself, how you start investigating a bead. I read nearly every article, blog, book and I just wrote down a "how to" for myself...

The attached pictures for example:

Step 1: What kind of bead is it?
Step 2: Drill holes?
Step 3: Surface?
Step 4: Color?
Step 5: Shine?
Step 6: Bead location/Seller communication, listening to the often funny storys :-)

So my conclusion for this bead is:

Step 1: Zi, Sakor Namkor
Step 2: Not centered, slightly used look, no clear statement possible
Step 3: Slight signs of wethering, not clear, few dings, overall no sharp edges.
Step 4: Pattern clear, seems deep in matrix, no floating of pattern, color unusual, colors slightly fade
Step 5: Reflections are not too glossy, nice light refraction
Step 6: Allegedly 100 years old

So my opinion would be:
Price 500 USD: Dzi bead, 1990 Taiwan.
Price of 2500 USD: too dangerous to buy
Price of 2.500.000 USD: It is real and I print the pictures and frame them.

Do you have any Steps you include in your investigation that I do not have in mine? How does the pricing of a bead affect you? Feel free to correct me...
Any book recommendation? Any European meetings where people discuss these topics?

Thank you very very much in advance, Josh

dzi2019.jpg (200.0 KB)  

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