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01/06/2020, 03:29:59

Josh—I have been explaining how glass beads were made since 1982. Often here.

In 1983, when ancient jatim entered into the American marketplace, I quickly determined how they were made, and how they were similar to and dissimilar from Middle Eastern (Western Asian) beads.

Some years ago, James Lankton absorbed my synthesis on making jatim, and collaborated with a glassworker to attempt to reproduce these beads according to the steps I described. The work was video-taped—and I've seen the result. It was impressive. The one thing the glassworker did not do was to form a cane with a central channel (that would become the beads perforations). Instead, he made a solid cane; and upon forming individual beads by constricting, he perforated the beads using a hot tungsten rod. For me, this just demonstrates that authentic hot-pinching remains an unknown and not-revived technique—that would be difficult to master without concerted practice.


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