Have you tried the reamer or Simichrome tests?
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09/06/2019, 10:04:33

If they are phenolic resin, you should be able to get a good result from either test. Please let me know if you need further instructions. You can substitute household ammonia for Simichrome.

The reason I asked about molding is that I recently bought a large bead that was advertised as carved Bakelite and if I had checked, I would have seen the mold lines in the photos. They were easy to see on the actual bead, which I returned since it was molded from polyester. However it really looked like a phenolic resin from the pix.

Also - it appeared that the bead was touched up after molding, so there were also "carved" surfaces to confuse things. So I'm assuming the basic pattern was molded in, then hand work touched up the piece to make it look ,well, hand-carved. Which in a way it was.

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