Re: Are you sure they are carved and not molded?
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Posted by: jrj Post Reply
09/05/2019, 23:18:19

I should add that the photo is not of my beads, although I do have a few beads that are similar. The incised decoration on my beads is not uniform, which may bear on the reason for the small holes.

Back to your suggestion, I assume you're suggesting that round shapes were first cast and later cut or incised with decoration. Is this what you're thinking? How do you think the tiny recessed holes fit into the process? You can see one of these small holds in the bead that's directly left of the center of the image (and in a few of the other beads).

Thanks, Rosanna! I assume these beads (and my beads) are resin and not amber. Any thoughts about the material (without the benefit of scientific analysis)?

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