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06/22/2019, 15:46:17

Hi again.

Your black beads have been trailed and combed. This conformation is called a "feather pattern." The beads are not "feather beads"—since a feather bead: 1) is made from a feather; 2) is shaped like a feather; or 3) represents a feather. Your beads appear (to me) to be Venetian and uncirculated (not having any actual wear).

It is difficult to ID the melon beads. Many plain wound beads turned into melon-form beads will look pretty much alike. It's helpful to see the perforation, to note its relative size and any bead release in the channel. For instance, Chinese beads tend to have larger perforations than do European (often Czech) beads. They also have a distinctive bead release. Perchance, is the glass slightly dichroic? In other words, when you switch from viewing the beads in reflected light, and hold them up so the light is behind them (is transmitted light), is there a color change?

I have some unusual Chinese beads that are mauvy, but turn pinkish in transmitted light. But they are not melon beads. I suspect your beads may be Czech or Central European.

Apart from the color of the glass, I don't know how anyone could realistically date molded snake beads down to decades. They are probably oldish (though I understand this is like telling you nothing).


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