mixed bag... thoughts please
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Posted by: sammi_tenn Post Reply
06/22/2019, 04:07:10

Hi everyone,

So i have been on a bit of a spending spree and have some questions about my recent purchases. Pic 1: vintage snake beads, Im thinking 1950's my sister reckons earlier but what I would like to know is if you think the green focal bead is glass or jade? there are no moulding seams and a white powdery residue comes out from the hole.

vintage feather beads, original or repro?

really long semi opaque mauve melon beads with a green moulded glass focal bead on knotted green thread... age? more photos to follow.

Many thanks. I have other beads I have questions about but I didn't want to bombard you all at once.

2_beadcollector1.jpg (196.2 KB)  2_beadcollector2.jpg (76.8 KB)  

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