Wafer Beads
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06/21/2019, 13:47:53

In the 1990s these starry wafer beads were available for a short time, and then more-or-less disappeared. At least strands were not offered. The other non-starry beads are also not exactly plentiful.

It has not been determined whether the eventual shape resulted from factory work (at Venice), or if they have been African-altered. I suspect the latter. But I remain surprised that we don't see more of them.

It is possible to string beads so that the cross section is forward. Not that I suggest this was necessarily done. Many star beads (millions or even billions) have been made, that have hidden cross sections, because they are cut into cylinders, or tumbled (or heat-rounded) into oblates or rounded barrels.

I spend some time when I look at small heat-rounded beads that I suspect MIGHT be star beads, to determine if the star pattern (or flower, for that matter) is present. Sometimes they are.


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