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06/06/2019, 03:05:16

years of research- stringing, restringing, thread research, and teaching stringing and continued learning bring me to these important principles:

use beads together whose hole sizes match if possible

always use the fattest thickness of thread or bunched threads that will fit through the smallest holed beads in the design- never use something skinny through large holes because both threads and beads damage each other (and nylon coated steel cable quicker than anything else)

coloured thread especially knotted adds a colour element to a necklace and makes it feel good to handle- no abrasion

avoid any glue specially liquid superglue as it is guaranteed to wreck bead holes wherever it flows into.

wire needles you make yourself -yes, easily replaceable even in the middle of a job

steel needles- no! any mistakes you have to cut the thread and start again

(the fuller instructions have been published years ago in my first 3 books).

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