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At least he gave Credit to Naomi Lindstrom Collection under the Photo from the Auction Catalog. I have seen information online and on your FaceBook page about your help with appraising and organizing this Auction, and also mentions of it here and there. To have amassed such a collection on a Flight Attendant's salary is impressive, the scope of which looked Vast for sure! Also I could see that she had a certain stringing style and actually wore and enjoyed her wonderful beads which is all the better.

My friend has a Bhutanese friend, whose family have Dzi heirloom beads. I'm hoping for some photos and information from her and will share it when and if it comes to be.

My friend went on a religious Trek to Tibet and I told him the little I knew about Dzi beads, and warned him of the fakes they artificially age and machine (?) to produce those surface crescent marks - often found on Old glass and some Old stone. He sent photos of the prominent bead stalls in the market place, and bead hawkers in the street selling, with crowds of onlookers. He did buy a new 9 eyed Dzi bead, and was told that even the new beads are Dzi beads so long as they are chalcedony and made in the Old way. He carried his bead on his Kalish Kora, which is supposed to "charge" it.

It is funny to see a Travel Brochure so focused on a bead, and the content is pretty amusing, for sure! No doubt every tourist will have a bead after visiting Bhutan, which is a good thing, so long as they didn't overpay.

EDIT: The Bhutan Dzi bead Travel brochure is Cut and Pasted straight off the internet from multiple sources, with a few changes Z yo Dzi, etc. Not surprised.

Bead lover, collector since Age 15, semi-retired had wholesale/retail bead, folk art, tribal art store Lost and Found Gallery for 25 yrs. in DT Greensboro, NC

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