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04/19/2019, 15:23:58

I suppose it is futile to criticize this article, as resulting from outdated ideas.

However, I was surprised to see the author has harvested a photo from the Michaan's Auctions catalogue—Naomi Lindstrom Collection, that was perhaps the most impressive opportunity to acquire collector beads since the previous decade or longer.

Here's a shot of the catalogue page, followed by the necklace I made for Ms Lindstrom using these same beads. Due to manipulations committed by someone who claimed to be able to sell these beads, if the necklace could be dismantled, it no longer exists as such. (And that person did not sell a single bead from the group—which was how they came to be offered one by one, or in small groups). JDA.

nl_michaans_catalogue_zi.jpg (78.4 KB)  1_bcn_nl_zi_nk_09.jpg (82.3 KB)  

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