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04/16/2019, 21:09:36

Here are two photos from a discussion I instigated in 2003 at my Yahoo Group, Trade Bead Talk.

I wanted to compare translucent brown "Russian" beads to certain agate-glass beads (that I suspect may also be Bohemianóbut MIGHT be Venetian). A specimen of these beads was shown in the first edition of The History of Beads (1987), and I had challenged the accuracy of the idea that this was an "ancient" bead, during my period of consultation for The Bead Chart. However, Lois said the bead was presented to have had a 'good archaeological association.' (I'm paraphrasing.). But I continued to think, "this is a trade bead."

Anyway, as you can perhaps tell from the photos, the brown glasses in all of these beads are very similar.

I have seen so few of these beads, in person, I am not really aware of differences in tones of brown (some being lighter or darker brown).

I bought my brown "Russian" beads from Ascona Beads in Santa Monica, in the 1990s, when I was occasionally teaching there. At that time I had never seen brown "Russian" beads before. The strand I have came from the African trade.


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