Beer bottle brown "Russian" beads
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04/13/2019, 17:32:17

I've seen lighter amber colored examples, and have a strand of very dark brown. This is the color that seems to match the photo of the canes and cut beads from the 1830s in Waltraud Neuwirth's book.

They're not from the African trade.

These are the beads that accompanied that aventurine sommerso cabochon clasp discussed a few days ago.

It was a long 33" strand of 160 beads that vary around 7mm in diameter.

Found my notes referring to a post dating to 2013, when I first got them. Here's the link:

At any rate, I finally got around to doing something with them, as the way they were strung seemed unattractive to me. So combined them with some amber nuggets and topaz pony beads, for a length that can be worn flapper style, long-and-short, doubled, or tripled into a choker. Not exactly turning a sow's ear into a silk purse, but at least it got them out of the storage box...

Ruth & John Picard have acquired what seem to be a similar set of these beads.

SAM_0053_-_Copy.JPG (207.9 KB)  SAM_0055_-_Copy.JPG (129.6 KB)  

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