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03/17/2019, 14:00:53

Intact Graves are such a valuable peek into almost every aspect of the Departed- depending on the artifacts, what is there, or sometimes, what is missing (as in the Groups that ritually remove the skull). I love seeing these un-looted Archeological Grave sites and what they yield. The Beads are beyond wonderful!

Here are more Bead and Jewelry Pics, a short Video, more info:

Official Website of Griffin Warrior:

Newsletter Blog:

New York Times, Science Oct. 26, 2015:

University of Cincinnati Magazine:

More Beads shown...Realms of Gold (Novel) Blog:

The Gold Necklace from the Grave of the Griffin Warrior at Pylos/Hesperia Journal Article:

It would be nice to find Bead photos all in one place?

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