The Combat Agate seal stone and beads
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03/16/2019, 18:53:35

Imagine going into battle with a sword, scabbard, codpiece, boots, curly locks, a necklace of beads, bracelets...

He wears a necklace wrapped around his neck twice. The two cords of his necklace flow behind him, which also contributes to the sense of movement; onto them are threaded small spherical, conical, and flattened-spherical beads, three above and four below. Three bracelets encircle his left wrist, with one bearing a large lentoid seal, and one bracelet encircles his right. A scabbard is tied to his waist with a double-looped cord. Attached to the ends of the cord, which, like the necklace, also flow behind him, are spherical and papyrus-shaped beads.

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