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03/08/2019, 08:45:31

These "Russian" cut beads were, according to one source, made by the Ornela factory before it was merged into the Preciosa conglomerate, and also by the Atlas factory.

The Atlas factory made "satina" beads, 5-sided beads with corners cut in the "Russian" style, but is now no longer producing these beads because they cannot get the glass (according to one importer).

This importer says this type of bead was produced for rosaries, necklaces, and earrings mostly for Mexico and Brazil, but that the factory managers who know more about the history of the markets for these beads are all likely dead.

A pic is attached of the two different styles.
The satina beads have small 1mm+ holes.
The cylinders with 6 facets per end have large holes that will accommodate heavy cord, and appear to have been polished somehow after faceting.

The red opal beads appear to be Ornela products, based upon their cut.

Floor, do you have any info on the history of the Atlas factory?

RussianCutAtlasOrnela.jpg (215.5 KB)  

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