I am inclined to doubt this!
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03/13/2019, 11:40:39

I'm somewhat familiar with fiberoptic glass. As much as anyone who's interested in glass.

I think the "cat's eye" effect in Atlas glass AND recent Chinese glasses results from hollow tubules that run through the canes (from which the beads are made). How ever these are created (whether from composited rods, or bubbly glass), this is quite different from fiberoptic glass.

In fiberoptic glass, the strands of glass are so thin they become flexible. A mass of these fibers is used to transmit light—that has the distinct advantage of bending the light; and gets around the disadvantage of wires that corrode or corrupt, and have magnetic issues.

The difference is: in the Atlas canes (and similar) the glass has been fused into one piece and pulled into a cane. In fiberoptics, the strands of glass remain independent, though held together as a mass.

So I don't see that there is much similarity. JDA.

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