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11/28/2018, 11:19:04

I'm always sad when people generalize that brick and mortar stores are not worth your time. The beading world would be a lesser place if we all shop exclusively on line searching for the lowest possible price. Shopping at a gorgeous bead store, where you can talk to real people, touch the beads, see lots of options -- that's a wonderful experience.

As an aside, I note that we often end up negotiating prices on our more expensive items. We don't haggle over a fifty-cent bead, but if you're looking an expensive trade bead strand - let's talk. And it we're short payroll on Monday, you'll get a nice deal on Sunday. We buy rare beads because we love them and want to share that love with our customers. Fundamentally, it's probably a bad business to carry this stuff.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk/rant :)

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