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11/25/2018, 08:15:03

I can tell you one thing....Brick and mortar bead stores that carry a good selection of antique and ancient beads will drain your pockets.

To be need to get online and look for an honest dealer/s

and go from there. Usually....I've seen the price double or triple for the same beads you can find online. Of course, There are online sellers that charge way too much as well. And watch out for reproductions.

Make sure you get a gr8 prices and decide what you are willing to pay. I use the Picard site as a base line for pricing. They are fair and pretty honest. Compare what you want with what they are asking for same type of bead.(mostly African trade beads)

The best beads are usually in privet hands not in stores.

Happy hunting...…
Odan….aka dannoh….dba....Capt. Lonfline

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