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10/30/2018, 07:42:56

Hello Linda,

The vast majority of scarab beads are glazed steatite (soapstone).

Steatite was chosen because it is a soft easily-carved stone, that, when it is fired, becomes harder and more durable. And since the beads are fired, they could also be glazed to add color and sheen.

Some scarabs were entirely faience—which was also fired and self-glazes. It is not easy to distinguish between them.

The mistaken idea that scarabs are "glazed with faience," is a sometimes-repeated error. The glaze on faience and steatite is essentially glass. (The word "glazed" means "to have or be glass." The guy who installs your window is a "glazer.")

Your scarab looks pretty good. But there are many more modern beads or reproductions circulating than actual ancient scarabs.


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