More seed beads
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Posted by: SavannaP Post Reply
10/15/2018, 07:07:12

This piece came to us unlabeled so we have no information on it at all. It's made of 2 different types of seeds.

The larger seed resembles a small pecan with its markings but is rounder and hollow. It also has a stripe that goes from end to end on one side.
The largest one measures 23 mm x 19 mm and the smallest is 19 mm x 14 mm.

The other seeds are a reddish color and are also hollow. The best description for the shape would be like that of a flying saucer. Looking down from the top they appear round but from the side they look almost oval. They are about 14 mm x 5 mm. They seem to have a lighter red circle on the top and bottom with a slightly darker red around the edges.

20100527.01-38_001.JPG (169.2 KB)  20100527.01-38_004.JPG (220.2 KB)  

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