Apotheosis: Dutch beads end 16th beginning 17th C : 1
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10/07/2018, 17:37:24

Hans also brought 2 showcases with some excavated beads from Amsterdam (after 1601 AD)and Middelburg (after 1581).
My pictures are not that good, but these shards were amazing. Amongst the Amsterdam remnants this huge piece at the bottom: dark blue with inlaid stripes.
In the Maastricht case , the bottom beads are not excavated beads, but belong to the 'twins' amulet exhibition.

I am sure Hans could tell us a bit more about these excavated beads.

expo_excavation_1_2018-09-29.jpg (99.3 KB)  expo_excavation_1b_2018-09-29.jpg (85.4 KB)  

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