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08/03/2018, 21:57:08

An attractive book on African trade beads has just been published by Marcia de Castro and Guy Maurette in France. Marcia and Guy have a mobile Museum, exhibiting throughout France and the surrounding countries.

The book Perles de troc has 75 pages written in French, and its aim is to introduce the
French-speaking public to this exciting and fascinating story of trade beads. The authors share with passion their love of beads to promote and educate their countrymen. Guy personally told us how few people in France express interest or know much about it.

The book is very well compiled with a lot of beautiful pictures, relating the story of glass and beads from the early time to today, the European colonial expansion and the different manufactures of beads in Venice, Bohemia, France, Germany etc. including the African-made beads.

Bravo Guy and Marcia for this accomplishment.


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