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First of all, a big thank you to John and Ruth for writing the preface to our book and for introducing it to you. This book aims to show the public our collection of more than 5000 beads, recounting the last 10 centuries of history, a painful history for the people of sub-Saharan Africa, victims of trans-Saharan and transatlantic treaties and of European colonial expansion.

Our museum is itinerant, that is to say that we travel by car, all over France, at the invitation of festivals and biennales of glass, museums, associations, municipalities and even private individuals. The beads are sewn on cardboard like sample cards and are presented in portable display cases. They are classified by origin of manufacture and by family. The museum, in its pedagogical vocation, is enriched with a whole range of objects: old Venetian glass tools, African beaded statues, royal textiles of Ghana, books and magazines, enlarged images of beads, old postcards ... A shop where we sell necklaces with collectible beads, books and postcards completes our presentation.

The book is available at a price of 20 + postage/shipping, at the following address : or
Payment is by Paypal.

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