Naga Imitations
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07/24/2018, 18:10:00

Back in the late 1980s, in describing the closures of typical Konyak multi-strand necklaces, I remarked that the knot work resembled crochet, though made very differently.

In the early '90s, when fake Naga stuff was generated (I suppose mainly in Indian factories), among the first pieces were multi-strand necklaces, that were immediately misrepresented as being "Naga." I was not in the least surprised, when I had an opportunity to examine some of these, that the fiber closure WAS a crocheted panel—into which the strands of seedbeads had been sewn. I predicted this would happen (!).

This is the primary way to distinguish between an authentic Naga piece, and a factory-made imitation, of that class of necklace.

Good luck with your project. I will be interested to see it.


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