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07/15/2018, 09:57:15

Thanks, Jamie - your comment makes one of the replies I got from a macrame person make more sense- that the finishing looked like some sort of crochet rather than macrame. And, the various pictures of tapered macrame knots (half hitches and square knots) I've found do not resemble the Naga work.

Since one side of the knotted section is badly damaged, I am teasing it apart to see how it was done. Slowly making headway. It does appear that 10 of the strands from the 21 strand section have been tied off in the knotted section but I'm still exploring the knot work itself.

It is an interesting project overall - from my visit to Nishedha, I got the excellent idea to recreate the spacer bars from thin strips of bamboo, which I now have (flat barbecue skewers!). They need to be cut and sanded, then drilled, and dyed dark brown, but I think they will look very similar to the originals. I think I can restore one of the partially missing strands by stealing beads from adjacent strands. The two sides of the necklace are not the same length, so making them match will release enough beads to work with. Also I purchased some 0.5 mm natural hemp cord which also looks close to the color and texture of the original cotton cord - which was probably very white to start with but I did not want to use stark white for obvious aesthetic reasons.

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