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12/06/2015, 08:40:55


I have many beads that are not as fine as the beads in my image most of the beads I have show signs of damage and or patina. My reason for posting the image I posted is because the beads in my hand are in nearly perfect condition which is very rare when they are as old as these.

Seeing as though the people I purchase this type bead from live where these beads are found and they know I am looking for the best examples they offer me beads they set aside for buyers like me. Many people think like you do "it can't be that old look how perfect it is", well they are in fact what I say they are so if your at the Tucson show stop by our room and have a look.

Below is an image of some beads I am in the process of purchasing some of these beads will be in perfect condition which I will set aside as extra special.

Frederick II once said to me in a conservation that us crazy bead freaks will spend thousands of dollars on specific beads so we can make a thousand dollar strand!!

All my best ....... Danny

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