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12/06/2015, 16:51:24

I see this all the time. If a bead has no ware or a super smooth patina from being worn for centuries people think they are fakes. I think it shows a lack of knowledge of beads when someone sees no ware and says new...repo...etc.
It is best to see them in hand but that is still not a criteria for dating beads. \
As was stated...some beads didn't get a super cool cord sawing or lots of body sweat.
Kamol told me years ago he has problems with lots of collectors when it comes to ancient stones, that many buyers will just look once and say these aren't ancient.
That's why when I sell beads I have to photograph the perf's and even then I get 90% of people say the beads aren't ancient due to lack of ware at the perforations.
So many of these beads were only worn for special occasions and very little ware is present on these beads.
Many times these beads were stashed. and traded for other useful items.
Some day there will be a cool way to date beads...maybe a hot pin inside the perf and if it smells like dirt its real ???
Who knows what the answer is {:o

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