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06/03/2018, 21:42:54

The first image here is of beads that came on a strand that I bought because there was a beautiful silver repousse melon bead on it. But the glass beads that comprised most of the strand (32 in all) are new to me. They they are clear glass wound beads with an orange trail decoration - but with the blue tinge around the perforation. Are they from India? I don't really see release residue. Contemporary glass art maybe? They seem to be quite well made.
The seller's aunt was a bead person and they would be at least 20 years old according to her.

The second image is of white molded powder glass beads some sort (I think). The strand is 40" long. I've had prosser glass beads with a similar surface, but these have no mark around the middle as prosser glass I know of does.

Anyhoo... it is Sunday and there should be bead pictures to look at.

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