What are these black beads called?
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Posted by: Luann Udell Post Reply
05/26/2018, 11:27:15

I have a very few beads like the ones on the left side of this strand. (I snagged the pic from Scott Seaman's site at http://coincoin.com/)

Unfortunately, this strand has already been sold. I know the "gear" beads on the right are Czech, but what are the ones on the left?

They are not those Prosser flower heishi, they are much "rougher", as though pressed with a rod to create the flutes, rather than molded.

How would they be described?? Fluted? Lobed?? (When I described them to Scott, I think I said they looked like squashed pumpkins.) (Probably not a technically correct descripion.) :^D

I never saw any before a month or so ago, and I want more!

black_beads.jpg (133.4 KB)  
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