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05/20/2018, 01:00:43

Hi Chris,

As I recall, in the late '80s/early '90s, someone was having copies of "Russian" beads made in México. When the people behind this project realized their beads were going to be misrepresented as "old trade beads," they continued production, but decided the interior base layers would always colorless/clear, to make the beads distinctive.

I think it's possible you have some of their "first edition" beads.

At The Bead Museum in Prescott, AZ, Gabrielle Liese had a nice selection of these beads, framed on the wall of the Museum's storage area. I think I have a photo of this in my archive. But these would have been the second generation beads (if my memory serves).

This would be my best guess.

I also saw a large collection of these Mexican "Russian" beads (and others) in a private collection in the Seattle area. At first I thought this was a seriously good collection—until I noticed the clear bases. I don't recall whether I was able to shoot any of these beads. I was shown them by a friend, who was helping the owner with identifications.

By the way, I also have two really ugly "chevron beads," also made in México, that I received from Michael Heidi. I don't know if these are from the same glassworkers, or another company. They do not copy any Venetian or conventional chevron beads. They are a great departure from the originals.

Be well. Jamey

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